On my last trip to Uganda, we toured a beautiful plot of land that is for sale. Look at those beautiful gates! We want to buy this land, move the orphanage here, and build a school.

The property is right on Lake Victoria, but still in the same general vicinity of where the kids are currently living. This particular piece of land is ideal for our vision. It’s already fenced in, which is extremely important for safety. It also has several standing structures we can easily tailor to suit our needs, instead of building from scratch. 


Being on the lake allows the opportunity to be more self-sustaining by catching fish instead of buying them in the market. There are also already several edible plants growing on the property that would alleviate the need to buy certain foods, such as cassava and popo fruit. This space would provide the opportunity to plant and grow many more foods. What a great chance for the kids to be involved in self-sustaining habits! 

This property is in a small, impoverished community where the only pace of worship is a small mosque. Our desire is to turn one of the buildings into a school with a chapel so we can invite the members of the community to come and learn about salvation through Jesus! 

The family who owns this land has no money to work on it. They are basically squatting there, barely hanging on. If we purchase from them, it will be life-changing for them, as well as for us. We pray this ministry will grow in ways that make it apparent God is at work and not just us. 

The cost of this property is only about $40,000 USD, buildings included. Pray with us that God provides and is glorified!