In case you’re curious, this is a lot what life on “the streets” is like for children in Uganda whose parents don’t have money to send them to school. These two young girls are carrying their siblings on their backs so their mom can work in the market. After taking their photo we each have them what is probably the equivalent of about $0.75 and you’d think they won the lottery. It truly is like nothing I’ve ever seen. This was not an abnormal sight pretty much everywhere we went.

This photo was taken along the main highway with HEAVY traffic in Kampala. I count 10 young children there – the oldest not being much more than 8 or 9 years, responsible for all of them while their mothers are working. This is reality. It is everywhere.

I started Actions Speak Louder, a not for profit organization, to partner with Shiloh, an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda, in hopes to prevent this from happening to as many kids as possible. They have 17 orphans currently who are in dire need of basic necessities. All donations given to us will go directly to supporting Shiloh and will be tax deductible. We also have many ideas for helping single mothers earn enough money to support their families. Our dream is to put ourselves out of business by creating a sustainable economy there! You may be thinking, “Wait, how does creating an economy keep kids from becoming orphans?” Well, orphans aren’t only a result of parents dying. Often these children are rescued from brothels or other unsafe places they are being raised. Sometimes, mothers drop their children with someone they feel can at least feed them, which is more than they can currently do. It is a sad and desperate situation that feels hopeless for so many. That’s why our mission is simple – meeting needs, offering hope! 

You may be thinking, “I can’t give much.” Even a commitment of $10/month makes a big difference, as it goes much farther there. Please consider partnering with us and having a direct impact in doing good for someone else!